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    To receive SDR coin you will need an Eth wallet. The wallet should have an address with a prefix of 0x. If you don’t have one already please see our recommended wallet providers. We recommend Metamask or Trust Wallet.

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    Quantity of SDR Coin


    How many SDR coins? Click below to calculate SDR coins' optimum value. As of October 2021, 1 SDR coin = 1 SDR ≈ 1.42 USD. Please note actual Pre-ICO and ICO prices will be lower than optimum value and minimum procurement quantity will apply.

    Optimum Rates
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    Purchase SDR Coin


    Once your wallet address is ready, simply click Buy SDR coin below and input the quantity of SDR coin and the wallet address into the form. Also add your corporate code if available. You will be directed to our payment partner at SendWyre or ApplePay.

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About SDR Coin

SDR coin is Special Drawing Rights coin. Relative to the Special Drawing Rights, SDR coin will provide a medium where monetary value can be ‘parked’ without extra costs or volatility of fiat currencies as it has an independent guidance valuation pricing mechanism set by the IMF. SDR coin is relatively stable so it can serve as a trading medium whereby its neutral monetary value can facilitate trade-related international transactions. The optimum stablised value of SDR coin should be 1 SDR coin = 1 SDR ≈ 1.42 US Dollars (as of 1st of October 2021).

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