Understanding Special Drawing Rights Coin

The optimum stablised value of SDR coin should be 1 SDR coin = 1 SDR of IMF ≈ 1.42 US Dollars (October 2021). Unlike other cryptocurrencies, SDR coins have only 2 decimal places and a fixed supply count. This would allow users to gauge relative value with complete clarity. SDR coins will be distributed in several stages: Pre-ICO in Middle East, Pre-ICO Global, ICO Global, Charitable Trust A (3 year freeze period), Charitable Trust B (5 year freeze period) and Investor Trust (7 year freeze period). Additional information can be found on our Twopager and Whitepaper under Resources section.

100 SDR ≈ 100 SDR ≈ 100 SDR ≈
103 GBP 15730 JPN 917 CNY
142 USD 520 AED 10295 RUB
 122 EUR 1240 SEK 2117 ZAR

Meet the Team

  • Paul Nort Legal & IP Compliance

  • Howard Zhong Co-Founder

  • David Lim Corporate Business Development

  • Kamal Muani Marketing Advisor

  • Eva Andersson Chief Technology Officer

  • Ingrid Carneiro Software Lead

  • Zhong, Yangyi External Advisor / NF Holdings (China)

  • Soon Chua External Project Advisor